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Monthly Meeting  

Democratic Party Office
103 N Bridge St, Suite 310
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin  54729

Map & Directions to Democratic Party Office

Aug 10    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm (GMT -6:00) CST

Democratic Party of Chippewa County Monthly Meeting
August 10, 2017
6:30 pm
103 North Bridge St. Suite 310 Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 

Please join us! 


1. Call to Order

2. Secretary’s Report

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Chairs Report

5. Other - Work Session - Chelsea Hall, DPW Political Coordinator

In conjunction with our regular meeting in August we will be having a work session of sorts to hopefully develop a plan to reach out to Chippewa County residents to find out what their political priorities are, and to see if we, together, can find solutions to those concerns. 

We will be joined by Chelsea Hall, a DPW political coordinator, who will talk about what’s happening in surrounding counties and what we can do here in Chippewa County to reach out to those who seem to be disenfranchised while at the same time building a strong base for the elections in 2018.

Several counties around the state have begun various activities to engage more people in the political process, and having read and talked to other chairs about these activities, it has really piqued my interest in doing something here. Their successes are something we can incorporate into our own unique plans. 

Here is an example of what can be done: At the Barron County Fair, Democrats asked folks to fill out a short survey to enter to win a $25 gas card. (The survey asked them to check off the most important issue that affected their family and neighbors, did they see themselves as a democrat, republican, or independent, and it asked for their name, address, and phone number).

They were able to gather about 300 responses. The survey was based off the script the DPW organizer’s developed. They also talked to folks as they were filling it out and asked how they felt about Sen. Tammy Baldwin and tried to make a judgement call on "persuadablity." They highly recommend this for Fairs and other events. 

These names and contacts can then be entered into the VAN and used in 2018 to seek volunteers and people who may support Democratic candidates in the election. It will give Barron County a much better view of what’s happening in their district and make projecting of the outcome of a campaign more accurate. Obviously, the goal is to persuade more people to go to the polls and vote for Democrats. This ground work now is crucial to having a good voter turnout in 2018. 

Unfortunately, this info came too late for us to use at the NWSF, but we can do similar voter contact with other methods. That’s what we need to get started at. 

I want to encourage everyone to try to make it to our meeting/work session on August 10th to hear about the exciting activities going on around us and how we might become part of the action. It is an opportunity for us to do something positive amidst all the political chaos we hear about.

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