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Talking With The Neighbors

Friday, September 8, 2017

What Our Volunteers Have Been Doing Recently!

A few weeks ago we had several people come into our office to make phone calls to some of the 300 people in Chippewa County who said they would be willing to volunteer to do various activities. From those calls some were willing to go door to door to talk to people about what their main issues were and about what concerns they have. 

The purpose of this type of door knocking is to help identify who supports progressive ideas. 

In the past few elections we have repeatedly only talked to leaning to strong Democrats. However, this time around we are actually contacting people who we don’t have any data on. 

Voter information from 2016 has been added to the VAN where we get our lists from so the people we contact may support progressive principles or they may not. After talking with these folks each volunteer tries to determine whether that contact is persuadable. By election time we hope to convince each of them to vote for our Democratic candidates!

Join us in this important work!

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