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Position Statement on Resistant-Type Activities

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Democratic Party of Chippewa County Position Statement: 

From the outset let's be clear that the Democratic Party of Chippewa County stands ready to support and assist any initiatives that will promote progressive ideas in the surrounding area and beyond, including, but not limited to, resistant type of activities. 

Thus far, there have not been any requests from members about taking specific resistant actions here in Chippewa County, so our position has been to encourage those members who are interested in doing something to get involved in other area organizations, whether political or not, whether resistant type groups or not, whether social or not, but get involved and speak from your heart about what is important to you when discussing the President, the Political Parties, or what is best for America. 

We all know that as we get closer too the 2018 State Supreme Court, Gubernatorial, and US Senate elections there will be more and more political activities organized by candidates and the party here in Chippewa County. 

Some of the organizations you might like to get involved in are: Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative - Western Wisconsin, Sierra Club, Indivisible Chippewa Valley, The League of Conservation Voters, ACLU - Chippewa Valley, Our Revolution, Organizing for America, The League of Women Voters, or any of the other local activist groups. 

While the Democratic Party itself will focus more on getting progressive candidates elected, building alliances with all of these other groups is absolutely necessary to getting more people out to vote in future elections. That's where your help is needed most.

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