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Election Debriefing Listening Sessions

Friday, January 6, 2017

Election Debrief Listening Session

Martha Laning, Chair of the DPW, and others have been holding election debriefing sessions around the state to gather information about the 2016 election to see what worked, what didnít, and what we need to do now. One session was held in Eau Claire on December 19th.

The results will be analyzed along with other election and voter data to help us plan for the future. It was a good session, with lots of give and take. The most impressive aspect was how thoroughly the DPW plans to analyze the data and what they have already discovered.

Some take aways are the state needs to run its own get out the vote effort where we choose who to contact, when, and how often, and not be dictated to by an individual campaign. More effort will be made to help local county parties organize and recruit progressive voters, as well as help in spring elections.

I am hopeful, thanks to these listening sessions, that there will be major changes at the DPW and at all levels of the Democratic Party.