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Rice Lake's Mary Hoeft Challenges Duffy in 7th CD

Monday, June 13, 2016

Rice Lake's Mary Hoeft Challenges Duffy in 7th CDMary Hoeft of Rice Lake is challenging the incumbent 7th CD Republican Congressional Representative. She teaches Communication Arts and French at UW-Barron County.

"It is time for me to do more than shake my head at the injustice imposed upon the middle class and the poor in America.  I’m tired of hearing how more and more Americans are “slipping” into poverty as Republicans turn a blind eye.  

I have witnessed, close up and personal, how many of my students and their parents struggle financially.  Students who once had time to study for exams, now find themselves holding down fulltime jobs in order to afford their college education.  

Concerted efforts by Republicans have made it difficult for my students and their families to keep their heads above water.  Our children deserve better. We, the citizens of the 7th Congressional District deserve better!  I promise to work relentlessly in Washington to ensure that Middle Class America does not disappear.

I have a long list of issues I feel strongly about.  That list includes cellphone coverage, broadband internet, a livable minimum wage, strong public schools, jobs that stay in the United States, a clean environment, equitable treatment of citizens…"


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