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Campaigns, Elections, and Political Things!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Campaigns, Elections and Political Things!

When Mary Burke wins the governorís office, she will have a difficult time governing with a Republican Senate and Assembly. I am sure you can imagine what that might be like? So voting ONLY for Mary Burke doesnít help. We need everyone to vote all the way down the ticket!
Electing the three people below is critical to taking back Wisconsin - they are all very capable of winning their districts, and they are all very capable of helping Mary Burke achieve her goals, but they all really need your help between now and November 4th.
Did you know a huge number of Democrats and Democratic leaning voters donít show up to vote in non presidential election years? When they do Democrats win! How do we change that? We need a superb turnout November 4th if we want to change the tide in Madison.
How can you help these candidates win in November? Each campaign has a huge need for volunteers. All you need to do is contact their campaigns or call the office and we will connect you to the campaign of your choice. Did you know you can actually choose what it is you want to do to help?
Our office, for example, needs people to drive candidates or walk with candidates while they knock on doors. We need people to deliver yard signs. We need people to put up yard signs in their own yards. We need people to erect larger 4í by 4í signs. We need donations of water, snacks, candy, soda, paper, office supplies, cash for ink and postage, and a
myriad of other items. We need people who are willing to call other Democratic voters to make sure they vote for Phil, Gary, and Jeff! We need people to knock on doors of Democrats to ask them to go to the polls and vote! We need people to donate money to the individual campaigns, so they have the funds to compete.
We will never raise the money in this area to compete with Republican out of state funds, nor what the Madison people think we should raise. It is just not going to happen! But we do have an alternative!
In the past we have competed because of the number of people involved in our campaigns. We have always had the boots on the ground - the volunteers willing to do the work to get our candidates elected.
But fewer people seem to want to be involved now, which seems contrary to their best interests, considering the awful direction the state is going in and will continue to go in under Republican leadership. Look forward to a right to work for less state coming soon, private unions going the way of public unions. Look forward to public employees paying addition pension costs and pension changes to give the governor access to you money! Look forward to greater state deficits so Republicans can show the need to cut social programs and education even more. Look forward to more voucher schools and less money for public schools. There is so much at stake!
I would love to say to hell with politics, too, sometimes, and just go on my merry way, and live my imagined retired life of peace and serenity!
But I canít! I have been blessed with a wonderful family and friends, and I canít stop now!
Phil Swanhorst says it best. He says, ďLeave this world one inch better than when you came into it.Ē
Iím going to try my hardest to do that. Wonít you join me?
Al Holle
Democratic Party of Chippewa County