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Are there any laws or city ordinances against the displaying of political signs in yards in the chippewa valley area

Here are the rules for the City of Chippewa Falls. As each municipality may have its own ordinances, you should check your town, city, or village clerk.

You may want to put up yard signs.   No permit is required for these signs however, please refer to the City of Chippewa Falls Code of Ordinances Section 19.09(12):

19.09(12) POLITICAL AND CAMPAIGN SIGNS. Political and campaign signs on behalf of candidates for public office or measures on election ballots provided that said signs are subject to the following regulations:
(a) Said signs may be erected not earlier than 60 days prior to the primary election and shall be removed within 7 days following said general election.
(b) Each sign, except billboards, shall not exceed 16 square feet in nonresidential zoning districts and 11 square feet in residential zoning districts.
(c) No sign shall be located within 15 feet of the public right-of-way at a street intersection, nor over the right-of-way.

HOWEVER, State Statutes 12.04 allow you to place a sign "during an election campaign period" (from the date nomination papers can be circulated) on your own personal residential property, pretty much without restriction as long as it is not over 11 square feet and doesn't present a safety hazard. Municipalities can restrict signs over 11 square feet or that provide hazards. The statute pretty much rules out other restrictions anywhere, as long as it is your own residential property or your rented property.

You can't have signs within 100 feet of a polling place (except bumper stickers on cars).

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